About Us

#B4mad Racing is a group of open-source technologists who are passionate about motorsports. We want to apply the latest in machine learning, messaging, data visualization, and other projects to help people drive faster. We are building infrastructures using Open Source technologies to help support a user-driven ecosystem and community that is eager to get involved.

Leadership Team

Our team sets the direction for the projects that make up our solution.

Christoph Görn


Long time Open Source hacker with a passion for AiDevSecOps

Marcel Hild


Long time Open Source hacker with a passion for data and operations

Erik Jacobs


Technical marketing and communications expert with a background in motorsports.

Engineering Lead

Position Open

This role is defining the core technological aspects of the platform and our service delivery.

Racing lead

Position Open

The racing lead bridges the gap from physical high-profile racing to our platform of sim-racers, bringing in real-world experience.

User Experience and Design lead

Position Open

Create a highly recognizable and concise user experience across all media used by the platform.

Data science lead (AI)

Position Open

This role opens the potential of the data aggregated by our platform, enabling us and our partners to provide unique services.


Our modular architecture is comprised of three main components.


Driver Identity

Users of the platform automatically receive a unique driver identity. This identity is connected to the user's driving record and can be used to present a profile page or be consumed by third-party services.


Telemetry Collection

The lightweight telemetry application collects the data from the driving sim and uploads it.


Data Pipelines

All the telemetry data is processed by a pipeline architecture. It is used to provide statistics on the profile page. The data is also made accessible via views which can be pushed into data products by 3rd parties.


#B4mad is a strongly community-oriented effort. Anybody can contribute to the project. Our use of Open Source technologies means that community participants can easily contribute to the project.