#B4mad Racing

Community-driven SimRacing data collection and analysis

Get Faster - Faster!

#B4mad Racing is a community-driven SimRacing data collection pipeline and analysis tool. We collect data from the community and provide it back to the community in a way that is easy to consume and understand. We are a community of simracers, for simracers.

Only perfect practice makes perfect.

You might get better driving thousands upon thousands of laps in the sim. But you also might just be wasting your time reinforcing bad habits. Let #B4mad Racing automatically analyze your driving data and give you actionable advice on how to go faster.

Improvement at any level

Whether you are a grizzled sim veteran or someone new to the sport, the technology behind #B4mad Racing can help you improve. Upload your data and find out how and where you can go faster.

Ready, set, go?

Enable #B4mad Racing now

How does it work?

We use the existing data your sim already generates.
It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


Install the app

A lightweight application collects local telemetry and sends it to our servers


Drive your sim

Every time you drive, we automatically collect your session telemetry


Receive recommendations

After you drive, visit the portal to see your personalized coaching plan